COMING SOON! Ice Black Ft. Steve JLin “My Girl”


Story time!

Dancehall artist Ice Black is originally from

Portmore, Jamaica, but moved to Canada

some years ago. As a yute, Ice and his friends

converted cardboard boxes into make-believe

sound systems, and for effect, used caps from

toothpaste tubes to replicate the knobs on a

system console. With hair brush in hand, Ice

DJ’d lyrics, while his bredrin held down the


Super producer Ron Allen, as in the multi

genre specialist (House, R&B, Hip Hop, Metal

etc.) is endorsing Ice Black and his newest single

“My Girl” featuring Steve Jlin. “Natasha,

this kid has it – you have to come down to the

studio!” Off I went, and sure enough, it is really

it! Label execs agree, but you know what I say;

nothing is stamped until my DJ’s say so!

The chune “My Girl” combines smooth R&B with

Dancehall where Ice and Jlin talk about their girl

and just how special she is.

Management inquiries: Ron Allen 360am(@)
Media inquiries: L3Publicity(@)

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