NX2SHINE Artist Spotlight: Kolor Brown

This weeks featured artist on NX2SHINE is comin outta the T-Dot – Tha Rex to be exact. The many faces of Kolor Brown can be seen as he is one of the most versatile artists/producers i have nhad the pleasure to work with. His deep soulful voice rooted in Reggae, Hip-Hop and RnB bring a unique flavour to his music. I can wait for KB 2 blow up! which I predict will be soon and look out for his collaborative project with his group Crown A Thornz who will also be featured on NX2SHINE very soon!


Kolor Brown is the definitive contemporary soul artist whose music has evolved through struggle, experience and experimentation. His distinct & beautiful voice takes you to times & places in memory and his stories are spacewalks through love, pain, angst, & triumph. Trained in visual & performance arts, Kolor Brown has been living music since he was able to harmonize his first note in the church choir. He has worked with some of this generations most talented musicians over the years allowing him to develop his talent as a singer, song writer, composer & producer.

For Kolor Brown, Art is about the essence of a time, more than the artists themselves. There is the Soul movement of the 60s & 70s journeyed by greats like Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye and Al Green, that represented a time of the Black struggle in America. The Reggae movement that brought forth the Jamaican essence with artists like, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Dennis Brown. Then there is the swagger of the Hip Hop movement; the cry and expression of the inner city youth who created their own way and forced the system to feel their struggle. All these experiences have laid the backdrop to his sound & music.

In 2005 Kolor Brown was featured on Rochester aka Juices A New Day that garnered heavy national rotation on radio & video, including a nomination for Best Rap video at the 2005 MMVAs. That summer also saw the successful release of his first EP titled The Kolor Brown Project and a sold out show at Revival featuring an 8 piece band. Kolor Brown has performed in venues all over Toronto including the historic Opera House, the original Bamboo, & the ACC.

Kolor Brown is now 1/3 of a new creative collective called CROWN A’ THORNZ with fellow members J-Wyze & Eklipz. They are currently in studio working on their debut collaborative effort scheduled for release at the end of this year.

Visit Kolor Brown on Myspace www.myspace.com/kolorbrown

VisitCrown A Thornz on Myspace www.myspace.com/crownathornz





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