People of earth…. CNS (The Central Nervous System)

2010 is the year for CNS! This band is a fusion of Alternative Rock and Electro with a sound that will blow your mind! Look out for them in a city near you as they begin touring in early 2010.

CNS (The Central Nervous System)

When CNS (The Central Nervous System) opens the throttle, it’s a G-force jet ride, but the real shock is that this band is a two-piece, twin-engine duo.

Ruben Huizenga (guitars, synth, vocals) and Dr. Kenneth Griffin  (drums) perform with a precision and power that recalls Bonham and Page, Johnny and Edgar Winter, Bono and Edge. Inject Bowie arrangements with Beastie Boys wit and cross it with Bad Company  behaviour and you get the idea.

CNS pays homage to the 70’s but doesn’t get stuck in the past. “It’s a modern take on 1971, when the sound was unhindered and vinyl albums spun uninterrupted on turntables,” says Huizenga.

Today, it’s about as much about moving to the beats as being moved by the music, and that is why people are turning up the volume on CNS. If Humble Pie and  The Who wrote with dance clubs in mind, this is what they would sound like.

CNS arrangements are mini-mixes, with clearly distinguished segments, which makes each song a rock-meets-beats symphony. Listen to “Dance Boy Dance”  or “Meltdown” and you forget it’s one song.

Orchestral in the attack, singular in their drive, the tracks are lyrically sound and rock-steady. They blend seamlessly into the club mix , and when “Someday Never Comes” hits the monitors it always seems perfectly timed for the moment of the night. And tracks are welcome companions on the long-drive home, amped up and blasting in sequence on the car sound system at 3 a.m.

Even during an acoustic entry into a song, anticipation builds like the countdown on a dragstrip. When the song takes off, it takes your breath away.

Veteran musicians Huizenga and Griffin have a breadth and open-mindedness that is a breath of fresh air on the music scene today. They also have a secret weapon in form of a back tracks black box. He’s a powerful electronic companion on stage and in the studio. It’s the connective tissue that gives CNS the agility to leap decades — from deep groove to dance beat and back again. “We named him NOMAD.  He never gets hangovers and he always show up for practice on time. ”

CNS recalls an analog age and serves it up in 2010 with android assistance.

Booking: 360am(@)


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