U.R.V. – Comin’ Out Hard!

Fresh for 2010 is an artist with an incredible attitude and unique vibe – U.R.V. This female MC from tha T-Dot is turning heads wherever she performs and is working on her new album and singles as we speak.


U.R.V (Urvah Shahnawaz),
spent the first few years of her life in the heart of the Middle East and was raised with strict values in a traditional Islamic home. U.R.V grew up in Dubai and comes from an Indo-Pakistan background. U.R.V’s mother had been a strong influence in her life and introduced her to media, the performing arts and music at a very young age. U.R.V developed her gifts in Music, Canvas Art, Dancing & acting while maintaining a passion for Journalism which was primarily influenced by her upbringing.

At the age of 16, U.R.V decided to make her own way independent of family and broke ties with traditional and ingrained cultural expectations. She embarked on what can only be  described as a courageous journey. Not too long after starting her brave independent life, she grew closer to her spiritual side and dedicated her life to Christianity form the Muslim religion.

Right after leaving the family home, U.R.V dropped out of high school. Due to years of being tied down to rules and regulation, U.R.V had the rebellious spirit to step out the box to explore the world on her own.She successfully broke through the cycles of drug abuse and gave up on living the rough street life.

Coming from a family of musicians, U.R.V was never a stranger to creating and living a life of music. Her biggest influence is an artist known as M.I.A (Maya Arulparagasam). U.R.V beleives that M.I.A has created a new genre of music, where one is able to take their life experiences and portray it positively with a head banging beat. U.R.V is also extremely influenced by strong female artists such as, Missy Elliot, Rah Digga, Gangsta Boo, Keiysha Cole & more.

U.R.V is a representation of what the independent thinking woman in the new millennium looks like; She always strives hard for what she wants for herself and those she has been able to influence. Whether it is music, education or  life itself, she lives to pursue her dreams with a passion for life.She is a confident performer who fearlessly writes and raps about her life  experiences.






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