Ko Blazes at the Sound Academy

Whenever Toronto’s premier alternative station, 102.1 the Edge, and concert institution The Sound Academy, combine forces, the results are phenomenal.   This past Friday, the Everything to do with Fred Show was no exception.  The event’s namesake, DJ Fearless Fred, put together a stellar line-up of music, culminating in a blazing show by Toronto’s own Ko.

The songwriter/rapper/story teller bounded onto the stage, warmly welcomed by the packed house at the Sound Academy as he asked how his “Toronto Family” was doing.  And they were doing just fine, judging by the flowing Amsterdam beer and pungent smoke in the air.  With an album titled “Let’s Blaze”, it’s to be expected from Ko fans, and is heartily approved by the man himself.  Ko opened his set with the instructive and cautionary tune “Bourbon (crack song)”, combining a rap shout out intro with acoustic guitar set to a hip hop beat as the audience waved their hands in time.  Title track “Let’s Blaze” was met with even louder applause and the flickers and flares of lighters through the venue, and allowed Ko to showcase his gritty and soulful voice as he played the role urban folk singer.  Putting down the guitar, Ko embraced his hip hop influences and welcomed Toronto rapper Unknown Mizery to the stage for a powerful performance of their collaboration “I’m Ok”.  “Represent” brought back the rock with a rousing guitar solo, while the poignant “Moving Mountains” had the crowd chanting as Ko shared another intimate piece of his life story.  Finishing his set, Ko played “Capable” the anthem that propelled him to the forefront of the Toronto music scene, and easily the crowd favourite.

Ko thanked the audience and left the stage, tired but visibly thrilled to be doing what he loves, but was quickly brought back out to rowdy cries of ENCORE by his adoring public.  He appeared surprised by the request but happily obliged, launching into “Drunk”, a song with a great beat to jump and dance to, and that’s just what Ko and his fans did.   It was the perfect song to end a night of great music and great times.

Ko Kapches has come a long way from his wayward past of dealing drugs and living on the streets.  His experiences fuelled his music, and it’s his raw honesty and openness that draws people to him and the songs he writes.  His following is every growing, as evidenced by the huge roaring crowd that night.  They may have come for Fearless Fred, but they stayed for Ko.

For pictures of the show, check out the Edge’s gallery here.

Read the full Story at: http://www.examiner.com/live-music-in-toronto/ko-blazes-at-the-sound-academy-review


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