Leftfield Keele Debuts at Passion Lounge – Toronto ft Kaleb Simmonds

Left Field Keele ‘Flyer MacGyver’ ft. Kaleb Simmonds

Born Kyle Leigh Barrowclough, better known as Keele, always had a Left Field perspective through out his life. Originally born in Toronto, Canada, Keele moved to Connecticut at the tender age of three. It was there he would be introduced and influenced by some of Hip-Hop’s greatest legends: Wu-Tang, Outkast, Bone Thugs N Harmony, and Snoop Dogg. It wasn’t until moving back to Toronto with his newly formed and solidified adore for Hip-Hop culture, Keele commenced on his voyage from the minors to the major league.

An invite from a friend to a studio session transitioned Keele’s attitude on life forever. It was there Keele discovered his talent and supreme admiration for MCing. From there Keele and his friend formed the group HALFADASH. They began recording and showcasing their talent at open mic events and shows across the Toronto area. After the encounter of a traumatic and near fatal altercation, Keele recognized his true passion for making music, and dropped out of school to pursue it further. After placing second in a local battle series, Keele linked up with an underground movement. He never released any material with the group, feeling he had to deem his skills flawless before permitting the world to hear him. After a short time Keele left the indie label with an influential sense, he knew he had to fashion his own brand and stand apart from the crowd…in LEFT FIELD.

LEFT FIELD, a place where individuals would find themselves set apart by their own teammates who never wanted them interfering with the game. LEFT FIELD, a world where people who feel misunderstood and unsupported would co-exist together. This world is direct from Keele’s personal feelings. The conception of LEFT FIELD derived from those who branded him a dreamer and unrealistic. LEFT FIELD KEELE has manifested a world in which the unrealistic dreamer prevails and succeeds. Inspired by life as he observes it, Keele is prepared to take the world by storm, mature his brand, and reach those of like-mindedness. LEFT FIELD is not only a state of mind, but a lifestyle where those not subsequent to the norm of society may attain satisfaction and serenity.

Contact: 360am (@) live.com


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