2012 Toronto International Music Summit – Saturday, May 26, 2012

2012 Toronto International Music Summit

2012 Toronto International Music Summit

2012 Toronto Music Summit Saturday, May 26, 2012 – some of the speakers include: Feldman & Associates, Agent | Warner Music, VP | EMI Music Canada, Director Branding | Producer,Songwriter – Ron Allen | Producer,Composer – Christian Hurst | Much Music – Senior Music Producer | Paper Bag Recording Label – Music Licensing and much more…

– Shaped to serve the Canadian music industry’s ongoing need for inspiration, innovation and education, the TorontoIMS conference will be guided by four key areas: Music business experts will share their insights in; Music Training, Marketing & Branding, Business experiences and “Vision Beyond” to mentor emerging Canadian artists.

The Toronto International Music Summit is a conference for the emerging independent and unsigned Canadian artists to learn more about the music business, understand how to develop their careers and network with industry professionals. We bring together industry professionals, executives and various companies to provide their expertise… combining information and intensive conference sessions.

Here is the list of speakers to date: (the official conference schedule will be published the week of January 9, 2012): 

  • Warner Music – Dale Kotyk, Vice President Marketing
  • EMI Music Canada – Koren Vered, Director Branding
  • S.L. Feldman & Associates – Jason Furman, Agent
  • Bell Media – Alana Dyer, Music Licensing
  • Strobe Records – Ron Allen, Producer, Songwriter
  • Christian Hurst, Producer, Composer
  • 100.3 LifeFM – Scott Jackson, President
  • Paper Bag Records, Ari Kaplan, Music Licensing
  • MDM Recordings – Mike Denney, President
  • Sirius XM Radio – Jeff Leake, Program Director
  • Custom Discs Corp. – CEO, Jeffrey Barkin
  • Breezin thru Theory – Jean McKen, Founder
  • Urban Music Association – Derek Brin, Producer
  • Corrus Ent. (102.1 FM) Pina Crispo, Promotions Director
  • DJ – Queen of Spades – Christina D.
  • SOCAN – Rodney Murphy, Education & Outreach
  • Much Music – Craig Halket, Senior Music Producer

Website: http://torontoims.com/



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