geneva.b “Bus Fare” – Unofficial Video

geneva.b “Bus Fare” Unofficial Video

Written by geneva.b and Ron Allen (SOCAN)
Produced by Ron Allen
Mixed and Mastered by Ron Allen

Toronto-based songstress geneva.b grew up on a steady diet of soft hits and yesterday’s classics thanks to dad’s radio station of choice, the ubiquitous k-lite FM in Hamilton. From choir girl to teen poet, geneva.b has been honing her songwriting skills for quite some time and has appeared on over a dozen underground releases, the fruits of which have landed her on the stages of various North American cities along the way.

Displaying a healthy respect for a well-crafted slow jam, “Bus Fare” — the first single from geneva.b’s debut album — is pensively introspective yet determined as the singer muses about a nagging urge to turn the page on someone who shouldn’t be. Ron Allen’s lush production and hard drums offset geneva.b’s breathy, stripped-down vocals, giving the track a dreamy, atmospheric quality sure to take the chill out of those long winter nights that turn into early Toronto mornings.


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