EMERGE Artists Showcase Live @ Moskito Bite Toronto January 24, 2013

StrobeLife and 360AM Presents…

The EMERGE Artists Showcase is an eclectic collection of artists in genres from jazz r&b, country, folk, rock and soul.Performances will be accompanied a selection of Toronto’s best live musicians.

Come meet some of tomorrows brightest prospects as you get a night filled with great music, soul stirring composers, and wonderful people.

emerge-artists_Bella Bella Muerta  Somewhere deep in the vast realm outside of comprehension a dark force beckoned this little demon into our world and brought the dead back to life. Bella Muerta is an aspiring musician and cabaret performer, with inspiration pouring from the tradition of authentic burlesque and the strange, twisted mind of a strange, twisted girl she will show the world what it’s like to dance with the devil in the pale moonlight.Bella Muerta music available for free downloads at https://soundcloud.com/bellamuertaView Bella’s “Dirty Angel Video
emerge-artists_Obadiah Obadiah  Obadiah’s music is a journey of lived experiences, life challenges and the winding road travelled while chasing his dream. The street savvy singer, songwriter and educator writes about injustice, respect, love, beating the odds and building your own future. A native of Jamaica, now based in Toronto, the 28-year-old has a perspective that gives his artistry a soul, an edge, a realness that resonates deeply with the experience of others.View Obadiah’s 106 N York performance
emerge-artists_ALESSIA-RIO2 Alessia Rio  A down to earth 20 year old girl from Toronto, Ontario ,Canada. Alessia began her musical journey at an early age. She created a jazz quartet with fellow classmates in which they performed at events all around the Toronto. Alessia Performed jazz classics, but she always felt that shei had to add her own take on them and make them a little more interesting. Her favorite thing is walking onto the stage, after being called, and staring back and witnessing all the people in the audience. “An artist has to sing a song with soul and passion and be able to connect with the listeners.” Inspired by Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, Amy Whinehouse, Corrine Bailey Rae, Lady Gaga, and Adele, Alessia is currently working on her self titled EP. “My goal is not to be famous, but to be great.”View Alessia’s video of “Hallelujah”
emerge-artists_Enuma Enuma Messam  Enuma is a vocalist, composer and multi-instrumentalist who plays an organic blend of neo-soul, folk rock, and jazz. The name Enuma means “the heavens know” in Igbo and as an artist who hails from Kitchener, Ontario and has settled in the multicultural landscape of Toronto, she proudly draws from her Jamaican and African roots for inspiration.Enuma has taken huge strides in her young career. Her music has been played on CIUT 89.5 FM and as a result of her performances at Culture Shock Community Arts Festival and the 106 & York Urban Arts Festival, she has been sought after as an artist who intuitively combines genres without compromising the essence of their sound. Enuma is a person who is known to stay true to herself and her art without compromise, and she is taking steps to share her music across Canada and abroad.Check out this video performance of Enuma Messam
emerge-artists---XTIIN-JONES Xtiin Jones  Emerging artist Xtiin Jones (pronounced kristin) is a Toronto based R&B singer/songwriter who has been exploring a multitude of creative disciplines. Growing up in Vancouver, her formal training included studying visual art, classical flute and choral arrangement, in addition to studying briefly with esteemed vocal coach Bill Vincent. Her passion and aptitude for music has been evident since the age of 4, and her influences include a broad range of musical genres. Predominantly self-taught, Xtiin delivers vocals with a distinct soulful attitude, captivating audiences with her lyrical flavor and unparalleled vocal strength. She has spent time in both Canada and the US pursuing her many ambitions. One of her more notable performances to date includes taking the stage to perform with Juno award winning jazz musician Richard Underhill and his band during a jam session at the TD Jazz Festival. Listen to music from Xtiin jones Here

Moskito + Bite 423 College Street Toronto, ON
(416) 862-9690

Doors open at 7PM Showtime 8PM Sharp!

For More Info contact emergeartists(@)live.com

Twitter @emergeartists

Facebook: www.facebook.com/emergeartistshowcase

Admission $10 at Door Online Tickets: emergeartists003.eventbrite.com


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