EMERGE Artists Showcase Redpath Waterfront Festival Toronto Entertainment Schedule Thursday, June 20

Redpath Waterfront Festival Thursday June 20, Toronto – Music Events

This year’s Redpath Waterfront Festival will be alive with amazing music and incredible talent organized by 360Am/EMERGE Artists Showcase Musical Directors Cindy Wilson and Ron Allen. “We have organized and incredible lineup of must-see local talent that will make 2013 a year to remember”

The EMERGE Artist Showcase, hosted by Cindy Wilson and Ron Allen provides a forum for artists in the secondary development stage of their careers a platform to expand and develop their careers in music. EMERGE is an eclectic monthly showcase of artists in genres from jazz r&b, country, folk, rock and soul. Performances are accompanied by a selection of Toronto’s best live musicians. Fans are exposed to some of tomorrows brightest prospects, a night filled with great music, soul stirring composers, and the wonderful people who consistently support EMERGE Artists events.

The EMERGE Artists showcase has presented some of Toronto’s most talented rising stars whose careers are at the final stage of development.

VISIT: http://towaterfrontfest.com/ FOR MORE INFO

EMERGE on Facebook: www.facebook.com/

EMERGE on Twitter: twitter.com/emergeartists


5:00 to 5:20

TYANNA NIKKITA TNT Dynamite best explains this ar
tist. Her vocal style is a unique combination of jazz, house, and soul.

5:20 to 5:40

ARIA ZENUA The highly driven and talented singer songwriter Aria Zenua (more commonly known as simply Aria) exudes her fearless nature on stage sharing sounds of Ska, Reggae, Soul and Acoustic tones

5:40 to 6:00

BELLA MUERTA is an aspiring musician and cabaret performer, with inspiration pouring from the tradition of authentic burlesque , twisted mind of a strange twisted girl she will show the world what it’s like to dance with the devil in the pale moonlight.

6:00 to 6:45

AMMOYE effortlessly glides from reggae to dancehall, dub to gospel, soul to hip hop, to R&B with breathtaking ease and presence

7:00 to 8:00

SHELDON HOLDER Sheldon Holder eclectic brand of music infuses elements of calypso, jazz, reggae, and rock and is quickly becoming a sound to be reckoned with in the Toronto Music scene.

8:50 to 9:10

SARA LONDON dishes out matters of the heart (and heartache) containing a soulful blues love affair.

9:10 to 9:30

JOSHUA LOPEZ taking a foundational but freeform approach with an emphasis on opportunity for musical expression through spontaneous improvisation


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