EMERGE Artists Showcase Redpath Waterfront Festival Toronto Entertainment Schedule Saturday, June 22

Redpath Waterfront Festival Toronto – Music Events Saturday June 22

This year’s Redpath Waterfront Festival will be alive with amazing music and incredible talent organized by 360Am/EMERGE Artists Showcase Musical Directors Cindy Wilson and Ron Allen. “We have organized and incredible lineup of must-see local talent that will make 2013 a year to remember”

The EMERGE Artist Showcase, hosted by Cindy Wilson and Ron Allen provides a forum for artists in the secondary development stage of their careers a platform to expand and develop their careers in music. EMERGE is an eclectic monthly showcase of artists in genres from jazz r&b, country, folk, rock and soul. Performances are accompanied by a selection of Toronto’s best live musicians. Fans are exposed to some of tomorrows brightest prospects, a night filled with great music, soul stirring composers, and the wonderful people who consistently support EMERGE Artists events.

The EMERGE Artists showcase has presented some of Toronto’s most talented rising stars whose careers are at the final stage of development.

VISIT: http://towaterfrontfest.com/ FOR MORE INFO

EMERGE FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/emergeartistshowcase

EMERGE TWITTER: twitter.com/emergeartists


12:00 TO 12:45

LAYAH JANE AND OLIVER JOHNSON “A spine chilling talent” – The Toronto Star Recommended if you’d like to hear Sade go Alt-Country, Joni Mitchell spout Reggae, and Phoebe Snow sing you a lullabye, Layah Jane speaks courageous
and tender to the hungry hearts of poets, activists, and lovers alike. (workshop)

1:00 TO 1:45

WOMYN OF IDIGO Womyn of Indigo is a grassroots collective comprised of emerging female musicians and poets who infuse sound and word to convey an unique live performance experience (workshop/collaboration of artists)

2:00 TO 2:45

ZACK WERNERS IDOL SCHOOL Zack Werner Idol School is high performance vocal program involving the best of the best young singers in the country. Drawn to work with the judge from Canadian Idol who spotted Down With Webster, Carly Rae Jepson, The Philosopher kings and both winner of RockStar in the US…Idcol School live features songs from Gerswin to Demi Lovato and a great mix of original songs written by students in solo,group and ensemble performances. (workshop w/young talent)

3:00 TO 3:45

DYLAN MURRAY w/band with influences in rock and folk,this singer, musician, writer and producer has been particularly touched by reggae

4:00 TO 4:45

LISA MICHELLE/BAND satisfies any and all cravings for straight goods R&B with a hip hop flavour touch of jazz and soulful vocal

5:00 TO 5:45

TIANNA WOODS multi instrumentalist, singer songer writer has a passion for country music

6:00 TO 6:45

THE PICK BROTHERS delivers an eclectic, uncompromising and intimate blend of substance and style. With lots of soul and lots of imagination between them, this is a dynamic band who’s having fun and playing some good music

7:00 TO 7:45

CHAD PRICE relaxed soul-tinged vocals, captivating lyrical style you have a unique entertaining and interesting young musical talent

8:00 TO 8:45

BRETT KINGSWELL With the grit of a 90’s
grunge front man and the charm of a southern gentleman, Brett Kingswell’s unique brand of northern roots, swampy, rockin’ country is turning heads, perking ears and stomping
feet in its wake.

9:00 TO 9:45

DYLAN LOCK Dylan Lock is a singer/songwriter his music as a combination of blues/rock/ with an original touch


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