It Has Arrived! Da Kastro – Ancelestrial EP


Da Kastro (Kastro Khaya Kwintshi) is a producer/dj from Ladyfrere, Eastern Cape South Africa. His captivating and unique style of South African Deep House and Ancelestrial House has captured the attention of legendary producer and co-founder of Strobe Records %u2013 Ron Allen. Da Kastro’s debut release of “The Ancelestrial” will be available to the world in August 2013. “I heard Da Kastro’s music and became instantly inspired to showcase it to the world” says Ron Allen.

Da Kastro fell in love with deep house in 2004 and began producing his own in 2006. “I Started producing hip-hop beats for my friends then house music in 2007 when I was in Delft South in Cape Town Western Cape. Then I decided to work on my solo projects from 2011 until present.” He has been Inspired by the biggest local and international stars in the industry such as Black Coffee, Blaq Soul, Soule Villain, Culoe De Song, Darque, Manoo, Nteeze & Andy and Ta Ice, Jimpster, Charles Webster, Rocco Rodamaal, Atjazz and The Layabouts.

Da Kastro’s love for production also led him to perfecting his craft as a DJ and with his infectious love for deep house he quickly became an amazing DJ appearing at many underground venues in Cape Town, South Africa.

The %u201CAncelestrial EP%u201D was compiled by Strobe Records producer Ron Allen. “Da Kastro has such and extensive catalogue of incredible music it was hard to trim the release down to 4 tracks but whatever track I could have picked would have made this an epic release”. The Ancelestrial EP by Da Kastro includes “Another Trip To Ladyfrere”, “Jazzing in Town””People From No People”and “Stolen Memories”.

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Strobe Records bless us with a paramount release by South African DJ/producer Da Kastro (Kastro Khaya Kwintshi) whose “Ancelestrial EP” includes four equally awe-inspiring productions which take you on a blissful journey to deepest house music territory you wish would never end, with each of the tracks oozing with Da Kastro’s unique style of ancestral deep house music the motherland has become famous for…

Booking: 360am (@)

Copyright 2013 Strobe Records
Twitter: @stroberecords
All Songs Written and Produced By Da Kastro
Twitter: @Da_Kastro_SA


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