Emerge: 1 Year Anniversary Artist Showcase – Show Recap


What’s the definition of ‘emerge’?

  • To move out of or away from something to become visible
  • To become apparent or prominent

When it comes to breaking out new talent or reintroducing familiar names to an audience that might not have heard them to begin with, I’m sure that this is the best word to put to use. The whole point is to become known and to stand out in a crowd where hundreds of people are all trying to strive for relatively, the same goals as musicians. Some have it better than others in terms of their hustle to get there, but to see just what the city has to offer, how could you not love what’s out here? I wasn’t familiar with Emerge as an organization, but any organization (like The Known Unknown or Manifesto or RISE Poetry or Urbanology Magazine) that provides a platform for artists to show…

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