NEW Strobe Records Release – ST072 – Jeff Graham EP

NEW Strobe Records Release – ST072 – Jeff Graham EP



Jeff Graham EP

After being immersed in Toronto’s house music scene for over two decades, Jeff Graham has become a true house music aficionado. Jeff discovered his love for house music in 1990 when he first heard the legendary Toronto radio show F.E.A.R. Edit. He was just 15 at the time and he began seeking out the records they were playing from stores like Carnival Records, Starsound and then Play De Record and Traxx. Constantly being around the music in the record shops and friends with some of the biggest DJs in town, Jeff became an avid party goer during the early 90’s when Toronto had a flourishing warehouse party scene. Jeff soaked in the vibes like a sponge and this is was the time that had the biggest musical influence on his life. He transitioned from party goer to playing small gigs around the city and showed a real talent behind the decks with excellent programming and creative technical skills which then transitioned into him DJing bigger parties in Toronto and well as a few times in New York.

Jeff recently took a step back from DJing local parties to focus his creative energy on music production. He has been hard at work in the studio and the result of this hiatus is the completion of his first EP being released on Strobe records. 2014 will be a big year for Jeff. Keep your eyes peeled for more releases.

Jeff’s debut includes 2 deep house floor fillers “Feel It” and “Pushing On”
Copyright 2014 Strobe Records

Written and Produced By Jeff Graham (SOCAN)

Mixed and Mastered by Ron Allen

Twitter @stroberecords


Jeff Graham EP Debuts at #9 Taraxsource Deep House Essentials Chart

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