House Classics : How II House – Time To Feel The Rhythm (From Grant Nelson’s Houscall Website)

I want to thank legendary House Music DJ and producer Grant Nelson for posting this article on his website – This was my first record ever released in 1989! Damn i’m gettin old lol!

I had moved to Toronto for University and had heard about this label in Toronto called Bigshot Records, owned by Gerry Fumo, Andrew Komis and Nick Fiorucci (Hi Bias).  My first meeting was with Andrew Komis (RIP) AKA (KOMIX).  I played Andrew my demo that i had only been heard by Derek May (Transmat) who gave me my inspiration to do this music thing.  Andrew signed me to Bigshot and I became a studio rat from that point on.

“Time To Feel The Rhythm”  was my first project.  The track was made basically with a JUNO 106 and an SP1200 sampler recorded to 1/2″ tape and then edited with a razor blade to the final product.  I will never forget walking into TRAX and Carnival records in Toronto to buy records for my next DJ set when i saw it on the shelves – talked anout hooked!.

“Time To Feel The Rhythm”  went on and hit the UK dance charts in a big way and was eventually licenced to Outer Rhythm in the UK.

Big Thanks to Grant Nelson for bringing back this musical history for me!

Ron Allen

House Classics : How II House – Time To Feel The Rhythm


Welcome to House Classics!

This is the first in a new series of mini blog posts about some of the records that have shaped my love of house music over the years, and that I consider to be classics!

These are the kind of tracks that I play during the “Do You Remember House?” section of the radio show and, just like that feature,  I will be posting house jams from the 80′s right through the 00′s.

So, what better way to kick off than with a track that hold’s a very special place in my heart.

This fires up fond memories of illegal raves around the Cambridge area of the UK during the late 80′s, very early 90′s, for me. It’s a track I have loved since the moment I first heard it and encapsulates everything about the rave scene at the time. Sampled vocals, killer piano hook, vicious Casio CZ101 style organ, tearing beats and a wicked acid bassline.

This record was influential on me that I even made a little homage to it on my Ethnicity Part 3 single, check the vocal 😉

Produced by Canada’s Ron Allen and released on Bigshot in 1989, this track has really stood the test of time for me, and sounds as fresh today as it did 25 years ago.


G x


Written by R. Allen
Produced by Ron Allen
Executive Producer : Gerry Fumo
Label : Bigshot Records (Canada)
Released : 1989

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