NEW Strobe Records Release – ST079 – Xavier Gonzalez – Palette EP

NEW Strobe Records  Release – ST079 – Xavier Gonzalez – Palette EP


 Xavier Gonzalez – Palette EP

Strobe is excited to introduce Xavier Gonzalez, an amazing Toronto based producer who first started getting into music at an early age and was influenced by anything and everything. From Sonic Youth to Marshall Jefferson, any musical vibe embedded itself in him. Xavier began to play in bands through out his early years and then transitioned into producing electronic music at age 14. Xavier has a passion for house, techno, and soul which he incorporates into all music he makes. He co owns Punctured Recordings alongside his Dad and Toronto mainstay Alvaro Gonzalez.
Enjoy this soulfully deep, intoxicating release from Xavier Gonzales which includes 2 solid tracks:
1. The Way It Will Be
2. Deeper
Composed and Produced by Xavier Gonzalez Copyright 2014 Strobe Records


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